How to analyze your tyre offering and competitive positioning by vehicle brand?

Are you a tyre manufacturer or distributor? Do you need to understand the existing tyre offerings in the market for a specific vehicle in order to recommend the right product? Whether it’s for advising the end consumer or serving your professional clients, comprehending the tyre market’s offerings is strategic to suggest the most relevant product or identify gaps in your range.

How can you accurately measure customer satisfaction in a B2B market?

Data Blog by Lizeo Back How measuring B2B customer satisfaction? Satisfaction surveys make it possible to obtain rapid and homogeneous responses from a defined target group and to assess whether its offer is adapted to the needs of its customers and to understand where improvements can be made.  Lizeo carried out a satisfaction survey for […]

Vehicle data and tyre fitments

Database of 4-wheel and 2-wheel vehicle and tyre fitments to enhance the online consumer experience and prepare your product plan.

How to generate product descriptions automatically with AI?

In a context where products need to be continually populated with effective marketing descriptions to optimise SEO, Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology is an ideal solution to automatically generate quality content in quantity.