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Which sellers are offering my products on Amazon?

An industrial player in the automotive lubricants industry wants to understand, identify and analyze the presence of its products on Amazon that are not under its brand banner.

This analysis will enable it to identify which sellers offer its products, which are the most important, and which other products they offer at what price.

The challenges for this player :

  • Controlling the presentation of its brand and products on Amazon
  • Controlling distribution with sellers who are consistent with the brand
  • Measuring its visibility and presence in the consumer’s buying journey

The Lizeo methodology for identifying and analyzing a brand's Amazon sellers

  • Lizeo collects available and public data on Amazon in several countries for all of the brand's products, focusing on the following attributes:

    Product / Price & ratings data - Marketplace offers - Seller profile & ratings data

  • All the raw data collected is then processed, harmonized and qualified if necessary to obtain a database of product sheets and seller profiles that can be used by the brand.

  • Once the data has been processed, it is made available in a BI application that gives the brand an overview of its distribution on the marketplace and provides information about the sellers, their origin and their pricing strategy.

Sellers on Amazon: what can we learn from the data collected?

Distribution of products by Amazon site (by country)

Distribution of sellers by country

Share of sellers who have won the buy box - Amazon UK

Examples of learnings:

  • Identification of sellers of the brand’s products (name of seller + country of origin + ratings)
  • Better knowledge of the main sellers in this market segment thanks to the weight of sellers who have won the BuyBox by country.
  • Measure the proportion of offers eligible for prime delivery (any eligible product is more likely to be selected by the buyer).

  • Knowing the selling prices of your B2C products and being able to track changes in prices by sellers over time.

Lizeo's business intelligence tool to track and analyze Amazon sellers
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