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Consumer Journey - Search

Deciphering consumer search online

Understanding and analyzing the online consumer's research journey

Discover how to map your consumer or customers’ journey over time and understand how they discover your brand and interact with it. By identifying the different phases of the journey, determined by the queries and keywords used by users throughout their purchasing process, you can gain a better understanding of their behaviour.

Your challenges

Understand the consumer and their habits in the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase phases

Understand the online availability and range of your products and those of your competitors

Identify new development opportunities

Lizeo®.Insights Consumer Journey

Our report provides precise information and answers to a key business challenge: understanding customer or consumer behaviour.

By gathering, analyzing and synthesizing multi-level data around the buying journey, our approach goes beyond the 4Ws (Who, What, When and Where) to give you a qualitative understanding of consumers and identify areas for improvement.

How it works?

  1. Creation of a specific semantic universe and definition of keywords and search queries
  2. Extraction of search volumes using our search tools
  3. Simulation of search results per query using ranking tools
  4. Classification of digital contact points
  5. Categorisation of sales sites by type


The consumer journey search is presented in a study report containing:

The benefits

Understand what your consumer is exposed to during the search phase

Measure spontaneous awareness of your brand online (products and services)

Identify the main digital contact points in your competitive universe

Who is it for?

Marketing Intelligence Teams

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Marketing and Product teams

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Top Management

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