Harness data to navigate the digital landscape of luxury goods and cosmetics online

Gain comprehensive insights into the worldwide market of luxury & cosmetic goods online.

Analyzing Trends and Market Dynamics

Distribution Monitoring

Assess the assortment displayed on official partner websites for coverage and recency, note the prices offered by our partners while identifying any discrepancies with your prices, and compare various distribution channels to determine the most effective one.

Insightful Grey Market Surveillance

Gain valuable insights into grey market activity with our surveillance capabilities, compare your performance to competitors, identify grey market sources, and devise effective strategies to combat parallel distribution.

Price Competitive Intelligence

Understand the dynamics of competing brands on official partner sites, evaluate the range of competing brands, and monitor competitors' price positioning on partner sites, including for new and pre-owned products.

Leveraging consumer feedback to enhance your offerings

Monitor product perception for trend insights, aiding product development and marketing strategies. Understand consumer perceptions and preferences, including competitor analysis, to drive informed decisions.


We pride ourselves on being a 100% independent entity, earning your trust as a trusted third-party partner in the luxury and cosmetics industries. We dedicate 10% of our annual revenue to R&D, ensuring continuous innovation to drive industry progress.

Understand the Online Consumer Journey

In the realm of e-commerce, grasping the journey of online buyers is vital. 

Understanding what sparks their interest, the driving forces behind their actions, and the factors influencing their searches are all key components. 

Additionally, capturing their preferred terms and phrases during web navigation is essential to understand the online stakeholders and to excel in a constantly evolving digital landscape. 

Lizeo has invested in crafting tools and analytical methodologies to dissect, perceive the journey undertaken by online consumers when they are looking to buy fragrances on the Internet.

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