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Revolutionize your data with our cutting-edge hybrid matching process, marrying automation and human touch for unparalleled quality. Trace every data point to its source with complete transparency. Access unified, plug-and-play data effortlessly. Unlock savings and efficiency with our data factory.

Digital transformation comes from the data value chain

The critical job of data management is increasingly important to manage one of a company’s most valuable assets: Data. Coming from multiple sources, and collected and stored in a variety of ways within an organisation, the value of most data remains untapped. Due to the abundance of most available data, it needs to go through several steps in order to have a unified view and the ability to extract its untapped value: this is the data value chain.

Your challenges

The digital transformation of your business relies on the value of the data you possess. To succeed in exploiting and integrating its value, you need to overcome multiples challenges:

Automate data collection

Aggregate data from multiple sources (internal, external, private)

Break data silos for cross data enrichment

Data Value Chain

Schéma représentant la chaîne de valeur des données utilisée par Lizeo

Lizeo Data services

Lizeo solutions and expertise rely on high quality data generated from reliable, efficient and cutting edge data management methods: this is Lizeo Data Factory. By mixing machine learning technologies with human expertise, we provide you with game changing data unification technologies and services. You will save time and speed up the data value extracting process.
Illustration of Lizeo Data services

Steps to unified data

1. Data Collection

Our automated data collection engine captures data from multiple sources and formats (online and offline data), while maintaining privacy and security. E-shops, websites and marketplaces data are collected using the latest data collection and machine learning technologies, while ensuring comprehensive, fresh data. Data collection is monitored at all stages while tracking and saving all sources.

Our Data Collection Service collection services allow you to collect data from different sources (online (websites, e-shops, marketplaces), offline (product catalogs), digital (spreadsheets, PDF, etc.) and retrieve them at different stage in the data value chain: raw, parsed or matched.

2. Data Parsing

Data collected online is parsed after being captured in order to integrate the most relevant information. The parsing step organises data by identifying and extracting all textual inputs from html pages. The text is then analysed, and the named entity extracted (product name, attributes, etc.).

3. Data Matching & Cleansing

Name, description and product attributes are components that may vary from one e-shop to another. In order to create one unified view, the parsed data is matched to a known referenced product in our database. Lizeo has an exceptional matching rate thanks to a mix of machine learning technologies and human expertise.

Our Data Matching Service matching services cleans data (internal, external, tiered data) and converts them into a unified view. Data matching services can be based on Lizeo.product catalog or your own data referential.

4. Data Preparation

Data preparation turns unified data into smart data. By computing data with dedicated algorithms, we provide you with a dataset that integrates your business rules and requirements but also your market vision and segmentation. You’ll get the right set of data, with the highest quality and usability to perform your analytics. This is the final step before starting data consumption.

Data Management Services

Lizeo helps to support you overcome challenges in your data strategy implementation. With more than 10 years of expertise in data management and big data architecture, Lizeo can provide the following support & services:
  • Database structure engineering
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse & Data Marts implementation
  • Data governance
  • Data visualisation

The benefits

High quality, hybrid matching process (automatic & manual)

Full traceability of data sources

Unified and ready to use data

Save time and money with our up and running data factory

Who is it for?

Data Managers

Collect, aggregate, clean, structure and unify data from different sources
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Marketing & Product Teams

Understand your competitors strategy and monitor your own
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Chief Information Officers

Utilise ready to use data and deliver high quality data services within the organisation for final business use (analysis, CRM, sales tools)
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Top Management

Process and extract the value of the data, while supporting the company's digital transformation
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