Lizeo®.Price Data

Price Data as a service

Get the full picture of your market by collecting price data at every point

To maintain your competitive edge in your market, you need to monitor and keep track of your competitors’ price behavior in order to adjust your pricing strategy. Price monitoring on a global market remains extremely difficult due to the abundance of available online data. As decisions and pricing strategies are based on data analysis, the quality and exhaustivity of collected price data are critical.

Your challenges

Collecting competitor price data and creating a trustworthy database raises many challenges. As sources available are both online and offline with most of the time product spelling discrepancy, businesses face major pains in:

Automation of the collection of price data with exhaustivity and quality

Controlling quality and consistency of data

Ability to match collected price data with the right productor

Lizeo®.price data

Lizeo®.price data is a flow of high quality competitor price data. Using the latest ethical scrapping and machine learning technologies mixed with human product expert team, price data are collected, cleaned and matched with our product referential to bring a unique and unified vision of the market, whatever the country, the currency and the competitor.
From Big Data to Smart Data with Lizeo

How does it work?

1. Define your objectives and strategy related to the use of competitor price data

2. Select the scope of products, websites, marketplaces and countries you would like to monitor

3. Define your price data flow content (deepness of product information, aggregation, price pre-calculation, corridors, etc.) that will match your usage

4. After collecting, parsing, matching and cleaning data, we deliver a meaningful dataset, consistent with your needs and usage, at a predefined frequency and format

Data Delivery

Lizeo®.price data delivery is highly configurable:
Diagram showing how Lizeo Price Data feeds a multitude of business tools

The benefits

Save time on your data collecting process and focus on your pricing strategy

Base your decisions on high quality, relevant and ready to use data

Get delivered with your own market segmentation and pre calculations

Who is it for?

Pricing Teams

Feed your business tools with competitors' prices for accurate market pricing dynamics analysis and pricing strategy monitoring
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Product & Marketing Teams

Easily analyse your product performance in terms of margin and volume by cross checking with your internal data (sales, stockes, etc.)
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Top Management

Spread high quality competitor data across your organization for better analysis and alignment of competitor comparison practices
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