In-depth understanding of your distribution ecosystem

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Monitor you distribution ecosystem to optimise your performance

Whatever your business activity, your customers are now in the habit of preparing or even completing their purchases online. To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, the mastering of the distribution ecosystem information is key. It allows you to assess and adjust the performances of your product and pricing strategy to improve your sales conversions.

Your challenges

Understand your market positioning and performance as a distributor

Follow up the efficiency of your marketing campaigns on sales volumes

Collect and manage data from your distribution ecosystem


Lizeo delivers market intelligence solutions to understand a distribution ecosystem based on high quality data analysis. These solutions provide the right mix of data, analytics, panels and audit services that enable brands to assess the performance of their marketing & sales strategy and identify new business opportunities.

Lizeo®.distribution solutions

Distribution Data

Benefit from data from physical points of sale and a distribution network to map the ecosystem and increase business opportunities.

Distribution Intelligence

Analyse the online offering and monitor a distribution ecosystem (product portfolio, pricing dynamics, etc.) using dashboards and automatic reports.

Distribution Panel

Independent private and public market share panels to understand the market and measure your brand’s performance within the distribution ecosystem, offline or online.

The benefits

In-depth understanding of your distribution ecosystem

Measure the performance of your marketing & sales strategy

Monitor the positioning and performance of all distribution players

Who is it for?

Sales Teams

Monitor your market shares and adjust your sales strategy
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Marketing & Product Teams

Understand the offering, the price positioning and strategy of the different distribution players
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Top Management

Manage your positioning in the ecosystem and measure your performance
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