Lizeo®.Digital Product Selector

Optimise the customer experience by helping them choose the right product

Improve product qualification according to use

The multiplication and diversity of offers on Internet platforms make it very difficult for customers to choose. In order to optimise the conversion of a need into a purchase, you need to provide the prospect with the best possible support during their journey by guiding them using selection tools. These tools must include technical selection criteria (dimensions, colours, etc.) and product usage parameters.

Your challenges

Optimise pre-sales support time

Working with "must-have" functionalities

To have up-to-date databases that include usage criteria

Minimise customer feedback

The Lizeo Digital Product selector solution

Lizeo offers solutions including the supply of localised data (products, use cases) to digital assets to be integrated into the client’s website.

Example in the tyre industry:

Your benefits

Display on your site selection criteria with localised data linked to your market

Optimise your customers' experience so that they choose the products that match their needs

Improve the quality of your website

Who is it for?

Teams Marketing & e-commerce

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