rezulteo™ website is the first European tyre purchasing guide and comparison website for the consumer.
Edited by Lizeo Group, rezulteo™ mission is to guide, advise and support the consumer in its purchase of tires through innovative digital technologies.

For consumers:

  • A unique product research approach
  • A product recommendation adapted to his profile and expectations
  • The guarantee of finding the chosen tire at the best price
  • Make his purchase online or in store

  • For brands:

  • A special showcase with a high brand conversion rate
  • A consumer understanding laboratory in the buying phase
  • A device for experimenting conversion systems, messages and advertising media
  • Innovative digital technologies that offer unique tire research and purchasing experiences

  • For distributors:

  • A multiplier of presence on the key stages of the online journey of the consumer
  • Increased visibility of their products, services and points of sale
  • Extra traffic on their e-shops and points of sale via Web2Store devices

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    The showcase of our know-how

    rezulteo™ is the showcase of Lizeo know-how, through:
    • Support for digital transformation
    • Processing and restitution of big data (price, product, vehicles) in real time
    • Improving the consumer experience and the product experience
    • The product recommendation
    • The implementation of digital solutions to improve conversion and consumer purchasing
    rezulteo™ integrates and implements many Lizeo digital solutions and data flows:


    Real-time prices data flow

    See this solution


    Technical tyre data flow

    See this solution


    Dealers data flow

    See this solution

    rezulteo™ LABS

    rezulteo™ is the tyre consumer understanding laboratory in the buying phase for brands and distributors.
    The platform allows you to:
    • Understand how the consumer realises his choice of product and dealer in a multi-brand, multi-channel and multi-merchant context
    • Experiment with new conversion systems, advertising messages and media, and new digital initiatives
    Examples :
    • What are the most selected dimensions per vehicle model?
    • Which channel is preferred by the owners of BMW vehicles?
    • Which products are the most selected by customers at point of sale X?
    • Which advertising message transforms best? for which target?

    rezulteopro™, rezulteo™ platform for the points of sale

    rezulteopro™ is a multi-service web platform for tyre professionals (points of sale, distribution networks, manufacturers).
    rezulteopro™ restores real-time consumer view of market prices and allows professionals to establish their prices with a knowledge of the competition.
    The benefits of rezulteopro™:

    For the points of sale

    • Direct access to the online sales prices of competitors
    • Increased visibility by displaying products, services and promotions on rezulteo™


    For the distribution networks

    • Recommended prices configuration and instant transmission of information to points of sale/outlets
    • Update points of sale/outlets information directly by the members (contact details, opening hours, services ..)

    For the manufacturers

    • Daily price tracking of key products on worldwide online sales websites 
    • Adjustement of sales price recommendations and scale of prices