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Charting a Course Through Automotive Industry Challenges

The automotive industry, characterised by constant innovation and technological advancements, is undergoing a transformative phase driven by the integration of digital technologies and the rise of electric vehicles. However, one of its major challenges lies in effectively managing the vast amounts of data generated from various sources.
This challenge encompasses issues such as data collection, storage, analysis, and security, requiring robust strategies and solutions to harness data's potential while addressing privacy concerns and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


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Discover global automotive insights with Lizeo, leveraging data from 1,000+ top websites and marketplaces worldwide (Americas, EMEA, APAC), and collecting more than 11 million prices daily.


We pride ourselves on being a 100% independent entity, earning your trust as a trusted third-party partner in the automotive arena. We dedicate 10% of our annual revenue to R&D, ensuring continuous innovation to drive industry progress.


Unlock a worldwide database of over 18,000 vehicles. Tailored to each region’s specifics, our data includes local nuances, ensuring accurate identification through the unique Lizeo vehicle identifier.

Analysing Trends and Market Dynamics

Analyse and monitor consumer prices online

Analysing and monitoring the prices offered to consumers on specialised or generalist e-commerce sites and on marketplaces allows you to better understand your competitive environment and adjust the price positioning of your products.

For the tyre industry, Lizeo has developed online tyre price tracking and analysis solutions to enable manufacturers and retailers to understand the price dynamics of the market. This analysis also helps to understand what products and prices online shoppers are exposed to in their final buying phase.

Improve the online consumer experience and optimise conversion

Online tyre buying by consumers has become a common and growing practice. Tyre distributors and brands need to be pragmatic and educational in order to support consumers in their tyre selection.

Lizeo has developed solutions dedicated to e-retailers in order to improve the online consumer experience and thus optimise conversion.

Understanding the online consumer journey

For e-retailers, understanding the online consumer journey is critical. What offers are they exposed to? What are their intentions? What are their search criteria? What keywords or phrases do they use? Do they see my brand or that of my competitors?

Lizeo has developed solutions and methodologies to analyse, identify and decipher the consumer’s online journey when buying tyres.

Automatically identify comparable products

In an intensely competitive environment with an abundance of offers, it is complex for a tyre manufacturer to be able to compare its offer in an objective manner and based on tangible and varied data. Beyond the simple technical criteria, other criteria disrupt this comparison such as consumer opinions or marketing positioning.

For tyre manufacturers, Lizeo has developed AI-based tools and algorithms to enable automatic and systematic tyre comparison based on objective and tangible criteria.

Understanding your market

Monitoring market trends and knowing the major players in its digital ecosystem is necessary for a full understanding of its market, whether for tyres, lubricants or other automotive accessories.

As a trusted third party, Lizeo provides solutions for monitoring sales volumes and prices in the European truck tyre market.

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