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Vehicle data and tyre fitments

Your challenges:

For distributors and online tyre sales sites:
  • Monitor the consumer to tyres of the size approved for its vehicle depending on the season
  • Display the entire product catalogue available for a given vehicle and apply the associated commercial policy by brand or segment


For tyre manufacturers:
  • Analyse the coverage of the product catalogue in relation to the vehicle market to define the product plan
  • On the brand’s website, associate the products in the catalogue with a vehicle in order of priority according to the Marketing strategy and sales policy

Lizeo.product catalog: vehicle and tyre data ​

Lizeo has a worldwide database of vehicle data and associated tyre equipment to simplify the promotion of products for customer information, advice and online sales. This database is made up of 4 key elements that make up the vehicle: the vehicle’s technical data, the tyre system, data on the rims and photographs. It covers all brands worldwide and includes tyre specifications.

Feeding mechanisms
  • International auto shows
  • Market monitoring: press, manufacturer sites, etc.
  • Partnerships with tyre manufacturer’s OE service


  • Product plan
  • Sales support tools
  • Customer and After Sales Services
  • Showcase and e-commerce sites (selection of the right tyre)

Solution Description

Vehicle data

Data for passenger cars, vans and two-wheelers

  • Brand, Segment, Model
  • Motorisation, Power, Displacement, Energy
  • Market presence, Years of marketing (start, end)
  • Transmission, Gearbox, etc.

Data for passenger cars, vans and two-wheelers

Tyre fitments

Tyre fitments data for each vehicle

  • Approved dimensions for Summer and Winter fitment
  • Staggered mounts
  • Spare wheel
  • Markings
  • Pressures, etc.

Rims data

  • Diameter / Width
  • Offset
  • Center distance

Vehicle photographs

  • Uniforms: same angle of view and glazing treatment for each vehicle
  • Low and High definition 
  • Customized watermarking

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