Lizeo®.Product Planner

Understand the global market and plan your product strategy

Understand the global market and plan your product strategy

Planning the development of your product ranges requires a good understanding of what your competitors are offering in a constantly changing market. This overview enables you to identify opportunities for developing new products and optimising your product catalog (responses to competing offers, segments not covered, market trends, competitive pressure, etc.).

Your challenges

To get a clear picture of what’s on offer in a market, you need to compile a multitude of sources of information. Before being analysed, all the data must be harmonised so that it can be summarised.

Aggregate heterogeneous data from all your competitors for all geographical areas

Compare similar ranges or products according to the same rules for all operators

Reduce the time spent generating reports, so you can devote more time to analysis

Lizeo®.product planner

Lizeo®.product planner is a solution that allows you to receive, at the desired frequency, reports mapping your offers and those of your competitors according to technical or marketing criteria specific to your industry and your markets.

Based on your selection of products/ranges, competitors and markets (countries, areas, etc.), the tool generates reports based on an analysis of your sector of activity.

Key Indicators

Using dashboards and indicators, Lizeo enables you to effectively analyse your competitors’ product strategies.

Market coverage

Opportunity identification

Example in the tyre industry:

The benefits

Automate data aggregation to avoid a recurring manual burden

Use analysis to compare similar ranges or products

Generate relevant analyses on a regular basis

Who is it for?

Pricing teams

Understanding available offers and competitive pressures
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Marketing teams

Identify opportunities, assess the effectiveness of the existing product portfolio, understand technological developments in the market
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Sales teams

Clearly identify the target market for each of your products
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Top Management

Develop appropriate product strategies based on an understanding of your competitive environment
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