About Us

We power business decisions with data-driven insights, empowering organisations to engage in smart business strategies

Our Vision​

We envision a global market in which large enterprises base their business decisions on live data streams, generated inside their ecosystem, to deliver strategic and operational outcomes.

Who are we?​

We create, analyse and extract value out of data ecosystems in order to support the digital transformation and increase market awareness of our customers, at a global level.
The company combines product experts, marketing professionals, data scientists, and IT gurus to deliver end-to-end, data-powered solutions, providing our customers with a new performance edge.

We create value by

Decrypting Market Trends to remain competitive

Identifying Business Opportunities to increase market share

Driving Strategic Business Decisions that Maximise Performance

Improving Consumer Experience for increased sales and brand conversion

Boosting Sales & Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency

Our History​

The journey began in 2009 when Lizeo founders, with decades of combined experience in digital technologies (web, IT architecture) and a deep knowledge of tyres, realised that the tyre industry was at the dawn of a new era: e-commerce. As it is a real disruption in any traditional market, the tyre industry started looking to external partners in order to support their digital transformation and to understand the new digital ecosystem.
The history of Lizeo

Key Figures

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PhD & Data scientists

Our know-how boosts your business performance


We offer expertise in your key business activities

In addition to our in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, we provide capabilities and support in the following areas: pricing, product marketing & planning, market intelligence, e-reputation, etc.

Big Data & Data Management

We provide advanced technologies to help manage and implement big data

We have developed and industrialised advanced technologies and efficient processes for storing, processing, unifying, and analysing huge amounts of data. This is based on parallelisation techniques across multiple servers (clusters).

Data Science

We extract the highest added value from your data

Our data science team is dedicated to analysing, interpreting, and modeling data, allowing you to optimise your time in understanding the market, anticipating changes, and adjusting strategies.



We support your business through each step of your digital transformation 

Our digital solutions and our team of experts in digital marketing, web project management, ergonomics, web design, social networks, and e-influence, will support the integration of new technologies into your business activities.

Machine Learning & Data Science are at the core of our R&D

To help you extract the highest added value from your market data, we are constantly on the cutting edge of research in big data, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. 


Our team of data scientists has built a library of models and algorithms in order to predict: 
  • Price & Market Volume
  • Purchasing behavior & customer profiles
  • Product life cycles
These technological bricks are embedded in Lizeo®.price, Lizeo®.product et Lizeo®.insights.


Our advanced artificial intelligence and semantic analysis technologies provide a deep understanding of online consumer sentiment and opinion:
  • Named Entity (Brands, products, retailers, etc.)
  • Properties
  • Topics

Our Location

Lizeo has a global presence with offices in Europe, America, and Asia:

Lyon, France

+33 4 63 05 95 30

Charlotte, USA

+1 (800) 617-0098

Shanghai, CHINA

+86 18610056340

Take advantage of our global footprint:
  • Deploy global solutions
  • React to global issues
  • Local response
  • In-depth knowledge of each local market