Lizeo®.Marketplace Data Collection

Data collection on marketplaces

Access to qualified data on each of your products sold on marketplaces

Our data collection platform enables us to collect and process large volumes of data on the main marketplaces (amazon, cdiscount, allegro, etc.) on a daily basis. It gives you access to all the platform’s available and public data and attributes relating to products and sellers. This data is then refined and qualified by our data management process.

Your challenges

Access consistent data for your products on marketplaces

Understand your competitors' products on these same platforms

Monitor the prices charged by these marketplaces and sellers

Lizeo®.Marketplace Data Collection

Lizeo®.MarketPlace Data Collection is a multi-site, multi-country data collection process that provides access to a wide range of information about the products and brands sold on these marketplaces, as well as information about the sellers.

Available informations:

Product / Price data

  • Model name/brand

  • Prime eligibility (buy box)

  • Price (buy box)

  • List price

  • Marketplace price

  • Is_bundle

  • Dimension/weight/capacity

  • Brand

  • Manufacturer


  • Category tree

  • Description

  • Condition

  • Quantity

  • BSR

  • Date of availability

Rating, review & question

  • Top review (title, body, rating, date, vin_program, verified purchase, country, helpful vote…)

  • Most critical/positive review

  • Customer review

  • Reviews count

  • Rating

  • Rating count

  • Rating breakdown

  • question_position

  • question_body

  • question_date

  • question_profile

  • question_helpful_votes

  • answer_body

  • answer_date

  • answer_profile

Marketplace offers

  • Price

  • Quantity

  • Condition

  • Delivery

  • Seller name, id, url

  • Rating

  • Rating count

  • Prime

  • Position

  • Availability

Seller profile, feedback & product

  • Name

  • Business name

  • URL store 

  • Business address 

  • Phone

  • Rating breakdown & history

  • Rating count

  • Reviews (title, body, date…)

  • Product offers (position, title, asin, categories, is_prime, rating, price)

Data Delivery

Lizeo®.MarketPlace Data Collection can be supplied via an API or flat files (.xls, .csv) via FTP or can feed internal BI or pricing tools. Lizeo favours the use of this data via our business intelligence tools, which enable advanced analyses to be carried out on product referencing by marketplaces and on sellers’ pricing strategies.

Your benefits

Save time in your data collection process

Information that complements what you already have

Stay one step ahead of the competition with a complete view of the market

Who should use it?

Product Marketing and e-commerce teams

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Pricing teams

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Top Management

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