Lizeo®.Distribution Intelligence

Data-driven management of your distribution ecosystem

Understand your distribution ecosystem through data analytics

As a brand or as a distributor, understanding your distribution ecosystem is critical if you want to improve your sales efficiency, your competitiveness and monitor your marketing strategy. Distribution data analytics are key to the improved overall performance of your company.

Your challenges

Create indicators to extract relevant information to monitor your actions (brands)

Keep track of changing prices & checking on competitive prices for all your reference (distributor)

Analyse your product portfolio mix performance to beat your competition (distributor)

Lizeo®.Distribution Intelligence

Lizeo®.distribution intelligence delivers comprehensive data insights and reports about your distribution ecosystem through dashboards and key indicators gathered in a SAAS Business Intelligence solution. It enables in-depth analysis of the performances of your prices, products, marketing, and sales strategy within your distribution network.
For distributors and dealers, Lizeo®.distribution intelligence brings you detailed analytics about your competitor price behavior and their product mix to maximise the efficiency of your product category management and pricing strategy.


Schéma représentant l'analyse des offres produits

Product Offering Ratio

Assess and compare by websites and distribution network the number of products offered by brands, market segment, etc.

Analyse the exposure of your product offering to your final customer

Schéma représentant l'évolution de la visibilité des produits

Visibility Evolution

Track the evolution of brand referencing by day thanks to the average number of price per day.

Monitor the evolution of the online visibility of product offering for multiple brands

Schéma représentant le suivi de fidélité

Loyalty Monitoring

Monitor your brand product loyalty for a given selection of distributors and websites.

Assess your marketing & sales campaigns efficiency towards your distribution ecosystem

Schéma représentant une analyse de repricing

Repricing Analysis

Track distributors’ repricing strategies and dynamics: frequency of repricing, share and volume of repriced products, etc.

Anticipate your competitors by understanding their repricing strategies

Reporting & Insights


Identify long term price, marketing & sales strategies through a periodical overview of your market distribution ecosystem in a given time period and historical evolution.


Lizeo provides you with insights and recommendations based on in-depth data analysis and market knowledge. This consulting service is the first step towards the implementation of a strategy to leverage your distribution network to maximize your margins and competitiveness.


The benefits as a Brand

Analyse the presence & evolution of your product references in your distribution ecosystem

Compare easily your product distribution coverage to your competitors’

The benefits as a Distributor

Understand your competitors’ product referencing strategies

Spot opportunities for repricing & portfolio optimisation

Who is it for?

Sales Teams

Spot development opportunities for a given distribution stakeholder
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Marketing & Product Teams

Assess the dilution of your product catalog across the distribution ecosystem
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Category Management Teams

Optimise your product ranges according to your distribution strategy
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Top Management

Eagle eye view through reports to monitor your pricing policy over time
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