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In-depth knowledge of your consumers or customers to guide your marketing strategy

In-depth knowledge of your consumers or customers to guide your marketing strategy

Most companies are able to collect data on consumers and customers, but often on a very small and scattered scale. The difficulties arise when it comes to combining all this data and analyzing it.

Your challenges

Surveys are useful for gaining an in-depth understanding of the consumer or customer and gathering:

Experiences and comments on the use of a service or product

Motivations in the purchasing or decision-making process

Level of satisfaction and knowledge of your brand

Opinion of your competitors' offerings

Lizeo®. Insights - Surveys

Surveys of a panel of consumers or a customer base are useful when you want to obtain precise information and answers on :
  • a strong commercial challenge,
  • a desire to develop your offerings or products,
  • questioning your competitive positioning
  • a need to understand new market and distribution issues.

Your key questions

Your objectives

What we offer

Qualitative customer research to identify areas for improvement: interviewing a panel of customers face-to-face to validate hypotheses or development opportunities.

Customer or consumer satisfaction studies: it is essential to know the level of satisfaction of consumers and customers in order to continually improve your products and services and the way in which they experience their purchases in your distribution network (online or offline).

Brand Awareness research: measure the level of awareness of your brand and products among a panel of consumers and understand the mechanisms behind purchasing decisions in a particular area.

How does it work?


A full study report including a descriptive analysis of the responses and a summary of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) such as average, median, percentages, scores, index etc., comparison of variables, comparative analysis, SWOT, etc. Raw and anonymous results.
Exemple d'un rapport d’étude qui comprend l’analyse descriptive des réponses et une synthèse des principaux indicateurs clés de performance (KPI)
Exemple d'indicateurs sur les avis consommateurs

Your benefits

Detect emerging trends in your market

Monitor the level of satisfaction of your consumers and customers

Understand the main factors and levers that lead to purchases

Easily address a consumer panel in several countries

Who is it for?

Communication team

Adapting your communication strategy with consumers or customers according to feedback
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Retail team

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your customer experience across all your distribution channels
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Marketing and product teams

Detect the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a product or service, and improve customer relations
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General Management

Benefit from customer or consumer feedback to guide your management's action plans.
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