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Identify the factors that influence the consumer buying process

Your challenges

Understand consumers and their buying habits by analyzing internet searches and analyzing their post-purchase opinions or reviews.

Identify the consumer's main online touchpoints and the offer to which they are exposed and assess your positioning.

Understand the digital strategies (advertising) of competing brands in a specific universe and their digital presence.

Lizeo Insights

Lizeo Insights offers a global and objective approach that provides a complete understanding of the online consumer / customer journey, from the moment the consumer / customer has an idea in mind (looking for a product, a brand, a service or information) through to the purchase. 

Lizeo has developed a methodology based on the analysis of internet searches and the x-ray of online offerings (vision of offers, prices, etc.).

Lizeo Insights solutions

Online Consumer Journey - Search​

Understanding and analysing the online consumer journey during the search phase.

Web Assessment​

360° audit of the main digital touchpoints that web users are regularly exposed to during their online buying journey.

Digital Ecosystem Analysis​

Understanding the digital footprint of the main players in your industry to estimate the digital maturity of your brand through in-depth monitoring of your digital ecosystem.


In-depth knowledge of your consumers or customers to guide your marketing strategy (consumer satisfaction, consumer reviews analysis).

The benefits

Get a multi-axis, multi-country overview of your brand's performance

Identify key action levers to refocus your marketing activities effectively

Objectivate marketing hypotheses or intuitive approaches thanks to a statistically representative volume of data

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