Lizeo®.Distribution Panel

Monitor your market shares and your sales performances

Entrust your private and independent panels to a trusted data expert third party

The more intermediaries there are between you and your final client, the more difficult it is to assess your sale performances at each step of the distribution chain. However, understanding your products’ journey to the final consumer by capturing relevant distribution data is key as it allows you to measure the performances of your sales & marketing strategy and understand the market.

Your challenges

Collect data automatically from wholesalers, dealers, sub-dealers

Process collected data by managing multiple formats and content

Ensure data confidentiality and security at all level of the ecosystem

Lizeo®. Distribution Panel

Lizeo stands as a trusted third party between brands and distribution stakeholders to collect market data and to provide all players with the right level of key information about:

  • Sell out volumes & prices
  • Stocks
  • Geographic repartition of sales
  • Market shares, etc.

Thanks to its independence and expertise in data management, Lizeo can provides two types of panels (either offline and online):

  • Private Panel, on behalf of a brand, with only brand related data
  • Independent Panel, for an ecosystem of stakeholders


To ensure a high level of data confidentiality while guaranteeing a relevant level of analysis of the panel, Lizeo has set up a double confidentiality management system:

Data analysis provided to brands:

Lizeo guarantees the non-disclosure of distributors’ market shares.

Data analysis provided to distributors:

  • Each distributor only knows its own performances in relation to the entire pane.
  • A minimum number of distributors is required to provide detailed information and maintain confidentiality.

How does it work?

Deliverables: Analysis & Reporting

Lizeo®.distribution panel provides data analysis through dashboards and KPIs thanks to SAAS Business intelligence tools and reports customised per stakeholder profile (brand or distributor).
Private Panel Indicators (on brand product’s):
  • Total sales volume per distributor
  • Detailed volume by product & market segment
  • Actual sales vs forecasts
  • Geolocation of sales
  • Inventory optimization (stocks)
  • Individual distributor performances compared to the whole panel

Independent Panel Indicators:

  • Sales volume and market trends within the panel scope

  • Analysis of the performance of the brand products compared to competing brands in the global panel (for brands)

  • Visibility of distributor contribution in relation to the global panel (for distributors)

The benefits as a Brand

Strategic analysis of your products’ sales and market shares

Data collection process performed by a trusted third party

The benefits as a Distributor

Measure your performance in terms of volume and price vs total market

Benchmarking against competitors on brand’s products (private panel)

Who is it for?

Sales Teams

Identify leverages to boost your sales and adapt your sales strategy
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Marketing Teams

Keep track of your market shares compared to your ecosystem
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Pricing Teams

Monitor your pricing strategy and the effects on volumes
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Top Management

An eagle-eye view of your marketing and sales strategy performances within your distribution ecosystem
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