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How to analyze your tyre offering and competitive positioning by vehicle brand ?

Are you a tire manufacturer or distributor? Do you need to understand the existing tire offerings in the market for a specific vehicle in order to recommend the right product? Whether it’s for advising the end consumer or serving your professional clients, comprehending the tire market’s offerings is strategic to suggest the most relevant product or identify gaps in your range.

The challenges for actors in the tire industry include:

  • Precisely analyze the market offerings by selecting the brands and vehicle models of your choice.
  • Compare their market presence in relation to competitors.
  • Identify product development opportunities.

Lizeo® Vehicle Fitment Coverage: the tool to understand the tire market's offerings for a specific vehicle.

Lizeo® Vehicle Fitment Coverage combines the vehicle database and approved tire fitments with the tire product database (brands, segments, etc.).

How does it work?

Lizeo® Vehicle Fitment Coverage is presented as a BI application that allows the following selections:

  • The geographical area is the desired analysis area (including vehicle availability and tire product offerings in the selected area).

  • The dimensional coverage offers 2 possible choices: strict, which is identical to the approved fitments for the vehicle // extended, which also includes dimensions with load and speed ratings varying based on the season.

  • Tire season: Summer and/or winter and/or all-season.

  • Vehicle brands: All available vehicle brands for the selected area.

  • Tire brands: All available tire brands for the selected area.

Do you want to know the approved fitments for a vehicle and understand the associated tire offerings?

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