Lizeo®.Insights Web Assessment

Understanding and analyzing conversion funnels/span>

Measure your online presence and analyze the conversion funnel of the main sales sites

Lizeo offers to carry out a complete X-ray of online sales sites and/or your customers’ main digital Touch points. The aim is to describe all the elements and systems that these sites put in place throughout the consumer’s buying journey and to have a quantified and objective view of the offer available on their site.

Your challenges

Gain a complete overview of the offer to which online consumers are exposed on the main sales websites in their sector, and decipher the depth of information available.

Understand what influences the consumer in the different phases of the conversion journey or funnel on each site through a systematic analysis of UI / UX features

Measure the presence and visibility of competing brands on key sales websites by monitoring offers and prices

Lizeo®.Insights - Web Assessment

This 360° audit of the sales websites and marketplaces in your sector of activity will enable you to target the sites to be monitored and/or integrated into your distribution strategy. It will also enable you to identify your competitors’ strategies in terms of communication and promotion. 

Finally, you’ll get an objective measure of your offering on the main sales and distributor websites, by collecting all the offers and prices for your market.

How it works?

What are our deliverables?

A full study report including:

Your benefits

Gain an overview of the size of the market, the players involved and the weight of your online offering

Evaluate your price positioning thanks to a multi-website overview

Compare your digital strategy with your competitors in terms of prices, promotions, offers, etc.

Who is it for?

Pricing​ Teams

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Marketing and Product Teams

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Communication and Digital Teams

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