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Monitor online prices of your competitors in the tyre market

With a growing number of product references and an exponential increase of digital points of sale, online consumer price monitoring is at the heart of the Pricing and Marketing teams’ market analysis activities in order to adjust their pricing strategy.
Consequently, the quantity of price data to be prepared becomes central in order to be able to carry out precise analyses, relevant follow-up and extract insights that will lead to concrete operational actions (sales, marketing, …). However, given the volume of data to be processed, poor quality data (also called Dirty Data) can lead to a tedious and time-consuming clean-up, leaving less time for analysis.

Your challenges:

  • Important and large volume of price data to be collected
  • Automation and stability of data collection
  • Quality of the collected data

Lizeo.price data for the tyre industry ​

Lizeo®.price data is a service of online competitor price data collection (e-commerce websites, marketplaces, etc.) that provides an understanding and market monitoring of consumer prices for tyre industry players (manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, etc.). This service enables the Pricing and Marketing teams to carry out qualitative price analyses using indicators built in Business Intelligence or Data Visualisation tools.
These price data flows provided by Lizeo Group reach a high level of quality thanks to our data matching methodology. Each price collected online is ‘matched’’ to a tyre whose existence and related technical data is certified by one or more official sources. The product/price data pair thus formed guarantees a precise and advanced level of analysis, beyond what online sales websites can display.

How does it work?

  1. Define your objectives and strategy for the use of price data
  2. Select the scope of products, brands, websites, markets and countries you want to monitor
  3. Define the content of your price data flow (depth of product information, aggregations, pre-calculation of prices, corridors, etc.).
  4. Delivery at a predefined frequency and in a predefined format

What’s in our competitor’s price flows

We collect daily online price data for the following tyre product lines: Passenger Car, Truck, Motorcycle, ATV/UTV,…

Example of a price data structure for Passenger Car Tyres:

Exemple de structure des données prix Lizeo pour les Pneus Tourisme

Example of an online price monitoring dashboard for Passenger Car Tyres:

Exemple de tableau de bord de suivi des prix en ligne pour les Pneus Tourisme

Your benefits:

  • High quality online tyre price data ready to use
  • Global vision of the online prices thanks to our catalogue of more than 1000 websites
  • Online Price data flows for Passenger Car, Truck, Motorcycle, ATV/UTV,… tyres

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