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How measuring B2B customer satisfaction?

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Satisfaction surveys make it possible to obtain rapid and homogeneous responses from a defined target group and to assess whether its offer is adapted to the needs of its customers and to understand where improvements can be made. 

Lizeo carried out a satisfaction survey for a tyre distribution network with its network of franchisees in Europe in order to evaluate its service offer with a view to developing it in the right direction and adapting it to the new expectations of its franchisees. This phase of gathering information and listening to its customers is essential for a franchise that is evolving and expanding territorially.

The challenges facing the tyre distribution network

  • Measure the satisfaction of your franchise network with the services offered by the franchise objectively and using simple indicators.
  • Tracking changes in satisfaction over time and the impact of improvements that have been made
  • Understand which services have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction and which services need to be improved 
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the services offered to franchisees and identify the services that are lacking
  • Assess its image and positioning in relation to the competition

Methodology: Lizeo proposes to launch an online survey to a target group of franchised point of sales in several countries.

Lizeo uses its expertise in the tyre industry and its knowledge of distribution networks to work with its clients to design a questionnaire that meets their objectives and provides the answers they need to their questions.
The method consists of several stages:

  • Framing the study and briefing the client on the expectations of the survey (deadlines, cost, scope, objectives of the study and business objectives)

  • Designing the questionnaire and translating it into the various languages of the scope

  • Setting up the online questionnaire and creating the email campaigns (audience settings, scripting, testing, etc.)

  • Field management (monitoring response rates according to expected quotas)

  • Extraction and statistical analysis of responses

  • Presentation of key findings and recommendations

Enquête de satisfaction auprès de clients B2B: qu'apprend-on avec les données collectées?

Key findings

Country ranking by level of satisfaction

Overall satisfaction is a key indicator, expressed as a percentage of respondents who are satisfied with a product or service, and which can be used to determine whether the product or service is appreciated by its target audience. We can then compare this indicator country by country and rank them from the most satisfied to the least satisfied. To do this, we calculate a score based on the responses obtained on a likert scale of 1 to 5. The aim is to identify the regions where we need to concentrate our efforts to improve satisfaction.

strengths and weaknesses of the offer

The results of the survey were also used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the offer, using a matrix that cross-references the importance and satisfaction of certain criteria or services offered to the target audience. The aim was to identify priority areas for improvement and those where the stakes were lower.

Do you want to survey a B2B target to assess its satisfaction and understand its needs and expectations?

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