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Truck Tyres Sell-Out Market

Understand the tyre market for all players in the ecosystem

To analyse its market environment, the tyre industry ecosystem needs information on volumes and market value at several levels:
  • Manufacturers want to know the trends to anticipate production capacities, plan product development, measure their performance against the competition and measure the structure of distribution channels.
  • Retail needs to understand market trends to anticipate investment decisions and understand the needs of its customers.

Your challenges:

  • Incomplete market coverage as some networks are inaccessible
  • Heterogeneous data between tyre brands and regions
  • Quickly access analyses to define an action plan

Lizeo.distribution panel: Market knowledge of European Tyre for Trucks ​

Lizeo, as a trusted third party, provides a tracking tool for the sell-out volumes and prices of trucks’ tyres on the European market. It allows tyre manufacturers and distributors to improve their understanding of the market through trend indicators, trend charts and detailed data tables.

    Use distributor cash out and harmonise information before analyses
  2. SPEED
    Provide monthly trend elements to all actors at the same time
    Process sensitive data respecting the rules of non-competition

Role & Commitment

Lizeo’s role and responsibilities in the panel construction:

  • Recruitment of networks and distributors
  • Data collection and management (cleaning, unification, matching and aggregation)
  • Guarantee of confidentiality of data provided by distributors
  • Provision of market reports and analysis tools: to manufacturers who purchase the service / distributors who provide the data


Our commitment to respect the rules of competition:

  • We deliver data and analysis in strict compliance with confidential business rules
  • Deliveries to manufacturers and distributors will follow the same schedule, ie reports and update of analysis tools will be done at the same time
  • The provided analyses will guarantee total confidentiality on the market share of each distributor

Analyses & Dashboards

Lizeo provides dashboards and market analyses to ecosystem players by ensuring confidentiality and compliance with competition rules. These analyses provide:
  • First trends in volume market by country
  • Detailed monthly data by brand, size, season or tyre 
  • Detailed reports on sell-out sales by country
  • Trend analyses for each report and dashboards (Year N-1 vs Year N, Year-to-date comparison, Month M-1 vs Month M)
For each delivery of the dashboards, we transparently provide the matching rate of data collected as well as the perimeter of the points of sale.

Your benefits:

  • Multi-network data collection including Volume, Price and Geo-Marketing data
  • Detailed data collection matched with our tyre database
  • Automated delivery process of analyses within 15 days after collection

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