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[Ebook] Maximise the value of your data

[Ebook] Maximise the value of your data

Data is an integral part of your company: collected, stored but sometimes untapped or used without any real methodology, it can lose its tactical nature. The quality of data can also be impacted by this lack of processing – which has a direct consequence on the lessons it can provide to analysts and the decisions made. As such, the preparation of data must be a major theme in your organisation. Objective: implement systematic processing to ensure the excellence of this Data. Lizeo explains how the Data Value Chain will allow you to capitalise on data in the following white paper.  

The Data Value Chain: tool and methodology to value data ​

The Data Value Chain has several consecutive and automated steps that allow data to be refined so that it reaches its maximum value. This methodology is all the more necessary in a context where data is always more voluminous and heterogeneous.
The impact of your data value will not only be felt in your market understanding, your effectiveness and the efficiency of your business actions. It is impossible to overlook your data processing, even though it is used to fuel your BI tools and Data Science projects.

White paper contents ​

How to collect data? What is the purpose of the cleansing phase? What is Smart Data? What is the role of Data Science? Lizeo provides answers to these key questions in its white paper “Maximise the impact and value of your data”.
You will also find a detailed definition of the Data Value Chain, an explanation of the benefits for your organisation, a presentation of the 5 main steps to implement this methodology in practice and advice on how to ask yourself the right questions along the way.

Data is a tactical instrument for your organisation. But, it is still necessary to know how to apply a real process to make it fully usable. Following the different steps of the Data Value Chain will allow you to build a qualitative database from which you can activate business levers and improve your performances. Need assistance? Do you want to learn more?

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