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[White Paper] Optimise the comparison of your products through automation!

[White Paper] Optimise the comparison of your products through automation!

To build the market positioning of a company, it is necessary to have a detailed analysis of the competition. Among the key elements to be taken into account, product comparability is central. Its role? Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your offer. What are the product comparison issues? Why and how do you automate your processes to monitor the competition? The answer is in this white paper.

Product comparaison: definition, issues and role of data ​

The product comparison consists in matching different products from a brand with the offer proposed by the competition. The aim: place yourself in a competitive position by identifying the features that set a brand apart and push consumers to buy it.
To be efficient, this comparison process requires a company to be aware of all the products available on the market – and this completeness represents a major challenge. Especially since in certain technical and complex markets, the multiplication of references and players makes a manual comparison difficult.
When this technique shows its limits, automation is required: the implementation of a systematised analysis process operates through proximity and allows objective, factual and accurate comparability matrices to be obtained. Not to mention the time saving automation offers for the data analysis.

White paper contents ​

We have developed a white paper in three parts to help you understand the automation related issues in your product comparison process.
  1. Product comparison: fundamental business issues
  2. Automation has become a necessity to cope with Big Data
  3. Setting up your automated product comparison in 5 steps
This last point, in the form of a practical guide, will allow you to follow a defined path, from determining the most relevant comparability criteria to the deployment of a comparison process within your company. A methodical way to boost competitiveness, thanks to Data.

Thinking about automating your product comparison process? Lizeo supports companies in their digital transformation based on data. It is capable of ensuring an efficient comparison of products based on the latest Big Data technologies, and this, whatever the market. Don’t waste time comparing your products manually: automate!

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