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Lizeo® .consumer intelligence

Data-driven understanding of your brand reputation and market trends
The voice of the consumer voice is the best indicator of your brand and product performance
The consumer voice is a key indicator for monitoring the performance of your business as it gives direct feedbacks about your marketing strategy. Furthermore, detecting and understanding market trends as well as shifts in consumer demand, promotes making better business decisions and delivering results. It is therefore necessary to monitor online reputation to measure the impact of your marketing strategies.
Your Challenges 
Lizeo Consumer Intelligence

Process and analyse millions of posts by capturing information unique to each one

Lizeo Consumer Intelligence

Have a global and local overview of your customers' insights

Lizeo Consumer Intelligence

Across multiple platforms, and in real time, monitor what your clients say about you but also about your competitors’

Lizeo®.consumer intelligence
Lizeo®.consumer intelligence converts consumer signals into a comprehensive analysis about your online reputation and your brand / products’ strengths and weaknesses as they are perceived by your clients.
This SAAS platform gathers dashboards and key indicators to measure the efficiency of marketing campaigns while also helping to manage the orientation of future product roadmaps by detecting market trends.
Reports and alerting services bring you high level monitoring and spot issues to focus on. As a result you can quickly adapt communication campaigns, while tracking their results.
Lizeo Consumer Intelligence

Brand & Product e-Share of Voice

Understand and monitor your brand (or product's) social share of voice within its competitive landscape.

Brand & Product e-Reputation

Measure your global reputation break it down by discussed topics and benchmark it with the competitors.

Topic Discussed

Identify new tendencies in the market and benchmark topics discussed between segments / brands / product.

Reporting & Alerting

1. Reporting 

Benefit from a clear overview of the evolution of your company’s image, visibility and reputation through our regular reports. They bring valued insights about how your company is perceived and what are your brand and products’ strengths and weaknesses as perceived by your clients.

2. Alerting

 Keep in touch with the latest stories mentioning your brands through real-time alerts to :

  • Detect crisis early on and assess risk potential through a combination of automated detection and human analysis.
  • Identify positive stories to use for Social PR and Comms.
The Benefits

Identify the emergence of trends on your market

Monitor the visibility and performance of your brand and products in real time

Understand which topics, elements and influencers determine the perception of your online brand image with a global and local vision

Who is it for?
Pricing Teams
Benefit from impartial feedbacks about your pricing policy
Marketing & Product Teams
Spot strengths and weaknesses of you products and competitors to focus your efforts
Social Media Teams
Centralise everything you can find about your company on social medias in one tool
Brand Managers
Reveal what the perception of your brand is and define action plan to influence it