Drive your business decisions with data.

Lizeo extracts value from the data in your ecosystem to create a direct business impact.

Our solutions

Lizeo Price

Lizeo Price

Master the price dynamics of your market with online and offline data.

Lizeo Product

Adapt your product offering to market evolution.

Logo Lizeo Insights

Lizeo Insights

Analyze and identify the consumer's online journey through data.

Logo de la solution Lizeo Digital

Lizeo Digital

Ensure brand conversion with optimized product listings.

Logo de la solution Lizeo Data

Lizeo Data

Leverage your data effectively with our Technologies, Platform, and Data Management Services.

Logo de la solution Lizeo Distribution

Lizeo Distribution

Monitor your position in the distribution channel in real-time.

Lizeo Marketplace

Lizeo Marketplace

Use data to manage your development strategy on marketplaces

AI at the core of our R&D

To help you extract the highest added value from your market data, we are constantly on the cutting edge of research in big data, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.


Lubricants & Petroleum Derivatives

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About us

We create, analyze and extract value out of data ecosystems in order to support the digital transformation and increase market awareness of our customers, at a global level. The company combines product experts, marketing professionals, data scientists, and IT gurus to deliver end-to-end, data-powered solutions, providing our customers with a new performance edge.

We create value by

Decrypting Market Trends to remain competitive

Identifying Business Opportunities to increase market share


Driving Strategic Business Decisions that Maximize Performance

Boosting Sales & Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency

They trust us

“I decided to use Lizeo's services to refine the analyses we had been able to develop internally. Our knowledge of market prices was already advanced, but Lizeo's contribution enabled us to industrialise our benchmarking approaches and obtain more refined results.
Allopneu, Pricing Manager
We appreciate the comprehensive know-how about online data management, their implementation of quality standards as well as their ability to consolidate huge data volume in a very efficient way.
Continental, Pricing Manger
We approached Lizeo Group because of their expertise in the field of Data management and pricing management, as it presented a critical interest to us. Indeed, we needed a systematic approach to the collection and analysis of price data in our market.
HPE, Director HIT Category Management

Harness the value of your data now.


Use cases

What are consumers’ online tyre search habits?

Data Blog by Lizeo Back What are the online consumer search habits when it comes to tires? Partager sur twitter Partager sur linkedin Partager sur email Lizeo, leader in online data in the tyre industry and publisher of the tyre

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