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Test your company's data maturity

[Quiz] Assess the data maturity of your business

The rise of data in your company has created new opportunities but also new problems:management, quality, governance… But are you sure you know how to handle this data correctly to extract the maximum learning and value? Test your organisation’s data maturity with our quiz.

The importance of methodology in data management ​

From collection to analysis and quality monitoring, it is crucial for your company to apply clearly formalised methodologies for managing your data. The aim is to ensure the relevance of your data and the lessons you learn from it, and to guarantee you an accurate perception of your market.
To be sure that you are using data to its full potential, it is essential to take stock and ask yourself certain questions: do you have a clear vision of the data available within your organisation? Have you defined specific data management roles? What data cleansing process have you put in place?

Assessing your data maturity in 10 questions ​

Digital transformation is rapidly changing processes – for companies, it can sometimes be difficult to put in place the necessary procedures for good data management or to adapt their methodology to stay up-to-date.
This quiz will allow you to take stock of your knowledge and identify areas for process improvement within your organisation. To go further, a reading recommendation adapted to your results will help you to clarify certain aspects that are still problematic.

So Smart Business or not? Whether you are an expert in data management or whether you still need some advice, the Lizeo experts are there to help you implement an operational Data Value Chain. Want to know more?

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