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Price intelligence solutions to master your pricing dynamics
Extract the value from your data
A wealth of data regarding market prices (e-shops, marketplaces, etc.) are available for businesses everyday. Valuable insight extraction from this data, through in-depth analysis is key to price setting strategies and remaining competitive in the market. Anticipate price trends with predictive pricing models and implement automated pricing systems in order to reach a new performance edge.
Your Challenges

Difficulty following market price positions due to a growing number of competitors, offers, and daily price changes

Inaccurate market analysis based on low data quality and accuracy

Challenge to define relevant alerts and KPIs to serve a pricing strategy

Lizeo delivers strategic price information based on high quality data analysis. It provides the right mix of analytics, pricing science, and workflow that enable functional groups to work in concert as they perform their own price-related planning, selling and tracking processes.

A data flow of your competitors' price, extracted by our Data Factory, to provide you with best-in-class dataset for your data-driven, pricing strategy decisions.

An end-to-end business intelligence platform that provides a full market understanding, in depth price positioning analysis of your competitors, and monitoring through dashboards and automated reports.



A predictive pricing model that allows pricing teams to implement optimal prices, through advanced pricing science and technologies.

Automated alerts and calculation of sales price, based on specific business rules (target margins, brand policy, positioning…).

The Benefits

Detailed comparison of all prices in your market on a daily basis

Anticipate market trends with decision-making tools that are pre-configured by business experts

Set prices automatically and precisely, optimising margin and market share

Who is it for?
Pricing Managers
Set prices, based on a company’s strategy and competitors' positioning
Marketing & Product Teams
Understand the competitors' strategies while monitoring your own
Sales Teams
Visualise the price competition to sell at the right price
Top Management
Set, monitor and adjust pricing strategies