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Lizeo® .digital content

Value-based marketing content for optimised sales conversion
Stand out on the digital shelf
In the battle to grow your market share, your products must stand out on the digital shelf. On your e-shops and marketplaces, you need to provide to your customers a digital product experience that drives awareness, discovery and of course, sales conversion.
Your Challenges
Product marketing content is crucial for your online sales yet having quality and updated content can be a really complex activity for your business:

Collect all necessary data to create accurate marketing content


Constantly provide high quality content to drive customer conversion


Keep your e-shop up to date with fresh and relevant product information

Lizeo®.digital content
Lizeo®. digital content provides you with a unique and high quality digital marketing content for your e-Shop, website or apps. When selling products online, your website and marketing materials need to display attractive, accurate and updated information to consumers in order to provide the best product experience to your consumers and drive sales conversion. 
Lizeo®. digital content provides you with a a full catalog of digital assets around the product containing a unique marketing content, accurate product technical characteristics, a product performance scoring rate based on aggregated independent tests, consumers feedbacks and professional HD pictures.

Automate the writing of your marketing descriptions thanks to AI

Description generation is one of the 3 key elements of the Lizeo Digital Content offer.
Lizeo has developed an Artificial Intelligence tool, based on Natural Language Generation technology, which allows the generation of multilingual marketing descriptions on an unlimited number of European tyres in a few clicks, based on their characteristics in the Lizeo database.
NLG Process
The quantity and quality of our tyre data allows us to generate very accurate descriptions very quickly, as soon as they appear on the market, in different formats and versions for each product.

The Benefits

Strengthen your SEO with unique and high quality marketing content


Improve your consumer’s product experience and boost sales conversion on your e-shops


Quickly build up your e-shop with on the shelf digital content

Who is it for?
Sales Teams
Strengthen your advising role thanks to customer-oriented arguments, intuitive displays and full knowledge of your products
Marketing & Product Teams
Benefit from a market digital product “book” with objective marketing information
Digital Marketing Teams
Differentiate your online sales websites with high quality digital assets for a better management of the consumer journey

Use Cases
Génération Auto de descriptions
Digital Marketing Content for E-commerce tyre websites
HD pictures, Marketing description, key points and performance ratings 

Automatic Generation of descriptions
Automatic generation of product descriptions using AI
Unique, multilingual and SEO optimised product descriptions