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Automatic generation of product descriptions using AI

Generate quality, unique and multilingual product descriptions

Tyre manufacturers and retailers need to regularly feed their product database with quality, unique, multilingual marketing descriptions in order to improve the visitors’ engagement to their websites. With a large product catalogue, getting thousands of unique, quality, SEO optimised product descriptions in multiple languages and formats is a challenge that marketing teams need to address to attract and convert online visits into purchases.

Your Challenges
  • Quality multilingual marketing descriptions on a maximum of products displayed on your website(s)
  • Unique content on each product page to avoid dereferencing due to duplicate content
  • High-performance product sheets in terms of SEO to attract more visitors to your website Content: Automatic generation of product descriptions using AI ​

Product description generation is one of the 3 key elements of the Lizeo Digital Content offer.
Lizeo has developed an AI tool that allows the generation of multilingual marketing descriptions on an unlimited number of European tyres in a few clicks, based on their characteristics in the Lizeo database.
This is the content of the solution:

Natural Language Generation technology

We use Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology to transform structured data into human-like text.

Schéma montrant que Lizeo est en mesure de générer des descriptions marketing pneumatique 4 roues pour les produits de sa base et en plusieurs versions pour chacun d'entre eux, le tout à partir des données

The quantity and quality of our tyre data allows us to generate very accurate descriptions very quickly, as soon as they appear on the market.

3 multilingual description formats

The descriptions are written in 3 formats, here is an example on the tyre industry: 

Short synthetic text (french)

Description courte en français du pneu Cinturato All Season SF2

Long detailed text (english)

Description longue en anglais du pneu Kinergy 4S2 X H750A

Talking points (spanish)

Description des points clés en espagnol d'un pneu 4 roues

Our AI tool for automatic description generation allows us to offer objective descriptions based on tyre labelling and independent tests, treating brands in the same way with the same style and vocabulary.

How does it work?

  1. Define your strategy: which products to describe, languages, format, number of versions per product, frequency of receipt of new products, customisation according to your marketing pitch, etc.
  2. Delivery of your entire scope on existing products
  3. Deliveries at regular intervals: descriptions of new products, delivery of updates, etc.

Product descriptions for all your products…

… and multiple versions for each of them

For each product, we are able to deliver a significant number of unique descriptions:

Your Benefits
  • Optimise your SEO with relevant content
  • Boost your editorial content with a catalogue full of marketing descriptions
  • Save time by offering a real-time description of your new products with automatically generated content

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