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Boost on and off-line sales conversion
Digital transformation is about consumer experience
Like most businesses committed to digital transformation, a digital customer journey offers the best cross-channel product purchasing experience, including on and off-line points of contact.
Your Challenges
The internet has profoundly changed consumer behaviour. They now have access to an infinite source of product information with multiple sales channels, where to interact both on and off-line with your product. These consumer opportunities may raise challenges for your business in terms of:

Consumer retention throughout the entire purchase process


Providing enough product detail and support in finding the expected product 


Facilitating the product search while driving and understanding consumer needs and expectations

Lizeo.®digital solutions delivers a set of proven digital tools to enhance the customer experience and maximise conversion rate. But that’s not all: we also help to digitalise your marketing processes, which is the next step after the digitalization of the customer journey.

Improve e-shop customer experience with a smart product search engine that provides the most relevant product recommendation.

Bring the customer journey full circle once a product is chosen by ensuring the final transaction at the point of sale.



Enhance and promote your brand and product with unique, high quality digital marketing content to improve the overall customer product experience.

The Benefits
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Provide your customers with the best digital product experience that drives discovery and conversion

Maximise conversion rate by offering consumer value-added services to finalise the purchase process

Develop an in-depth relationship with your customers, thanks to an innovative, qualitative and successful multi-channel experience

Arm your sales force with cutting edge selling tools that highlight the value of your products

Who is it for?
Marketing Teams
Promote the value of your new product compared to the competition with internal and external teams
 Digital Marketing Teams
Boost e-commerce efficiency with high quality digital content to improve consumer journey and conversion rate
Sales Teams
Enhance customer meetings and promote your products over the competition, with a unique digital experience
Top Management
Support your digital transformation by enhancing