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Retail pricing software for tire dealers

Retail Price Pro Software for Tire Dealers

Your challenges:

  • No dedicated pricing resource
  • No visibility on local price competition
  • Difficulty to track competitive price changes

Retail Price Pro Software for Tire Dealers, Lizeo®.price management solution ​

As E-Commerce continues to expand in the market, consumers are more sensitive to local price competition. Retail Price Pro will identify price changes in your local market and allow the integration of tailored rules to calculate the optimal price to remain competitive and increase profit margins.

Solution Description

Lizeo Retail Price Pro (RPP) is designed to be an affordable, data-driven pricing tool for independent tire dealers or retailers that operate in one geographic area.
RPP utilizes a pricing structure dependent on the quantity of websites chosen for display within the dashboard, up to a maximum of 5 sites (excludes marketplace sites). Tire pricing is updated on a weekly basis within the tool.

Lizeo Retail Price Pro screenshot

  • Customized for your competitive area
  • Automatic weekly price updates
  • Ability to create rules and calculate prices to position yourself precisely against competition

Your benefits :

  • Stay competitive by selecting pricing data from up to 5 online retail competitors in a set market in an easy-to-use dashboard
  • See price changes from the prior week and even filter by a +/- price change variation
  • Filter hundreds of lines of pricing data by part number, brand, product, size, speed rating, and website to see the relevant situational data
  • Set a pricing strategy in relation to the (up to 5) chosen online retail competitors and upload the exported file into a Point of Sale system
  • Verify competitive quotes and requests for quotes via the RPP dashboard
  • Export any data set into Excel for further analysis

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