Lizeo®.Price Intelligence

Data-driven management of your price competitiveness

Understand how pricing works in your market

Faced with increased consumer price sensitivity, data quality is critical but data visualization tools are essential to dig into your data and extract strategic information. To monitor your market pricing dynamics, you need to build meaningful KPIs and alerting systems to react dynamically to market price changes.

Your Challenges

The process of competition price analysis through data visualization tools can be complex. Dealing with the integration of multiple sources of data (internal, external, private, etc.) and building relevant indicators and KPIs for your business can be extremely challenging:

Have the technical capability to bring a unified vision of the data

Compare private data to competitive data to match with your business rules

Build meaningful and manageable indicators and dashboards

Lizeo®.price intelligence

Lizeo®.price intelligence is a SaaS designed, data visualization tool for comprehensive analysis and comparison of online pricing. This tool allows users to identify key performance indicators within a unified dashboard. Users can contrast their performance with competitors, examine monthly trends, and pinpoint growth opportunities. Track your progress over time with both simplified and detailed perspectives. Access data trends through an intuitive dashboard and combine data sources for thorough analysis.
Diagram showing how Lizeo Price Intelligence provides indicators on a SAAS platform


Suivez et comparez les évolutions de vos prix et ceux du marché sur une période donnée par un produit, un groupe de produits, etc.

Pricing Trends

Track and compare price evolutions for a dedicated time period of time with your competition for a product or group of products...

Identify your competition's price strategy over time

Classez votre concurrence pour un groupe de produits spécifique au niveau du site Web ou du pays.

Price Ranking

Rank your competition for a specific group of products at a website or country level

Have a clear vision of your competition’s price strategy

Suivez les stratégies et les dynamiques de réévaluation des prix des distributeurs : fréquence de repricing, part et volume des produits au prix réévalué...

Repricing Analysis

Track distributors’ repricing strategies and dynamics: frequency of repricing, share and volume of repriced products...

Anticipate your competitors by understanding their repricing strategies

Comparez vos prix à ceux de vos concurrents sur une base de 100 pour une marque, un produit ou un site Web de référence.

Price Index

Compare your prices to your competition on a 100 basis set for a reference brand or website.

Easy comparison with reference competitor and quick readability

Visualisez votre positionnement de prix avec un tableau de bord de dispersion des prix et un corridor de prix (base 100) par produit, gammes, etc.

Price Corridor

Visualize your price positioning compared to your competitors with a price dispersion (median/quartile prices) dashboard and set a price corridor (min/max) that will narrow your view of your competition's pricing strategy compared to your reference (100 base).

Quickly identify your competition for a simulated pricing strategy

Recevez des alertes par e-mail (quotidiennement ou hebdomadairement) présentant les points forts du marché (remise massive, nouveaux produits concurrents, opportunité de marge…) et/ou des alertes instantanées sur des prix incohérents.

Price Alerting

Receive daily or weekly email alerts with market highlights (massive discounts, new competitor products, margin opportunity…) and instant alerts for inconsistent prices.

Avoid offering an incorrect price or miss a pricing opportunity

Reporting & Insights

  1. Reports
    Identify pricing behaviors and long term pricing strategies through a yearly overview of your market’s price evolutions in a given time period and historical evolution.
  2. Insights

    Lizeo provides you with insights and recommendations to implement a competitive pricing strategy based on in-depth data analysis and market knowledge. This consulting service is the first step towards the implementation of pricing rules and highlights the opportunities to maximize your profits and manage your margins and price competitiveness.

The Benefits

Identify the emergence of competitors in your market

Understand the pricing strategies of your competitors

Monitor the impact of your price changes

Manage your margins and price competitiveness easily

Who is it for?

Pricing Teams

Perform deep price positioning analysis to understand your competitor strategies and refine your pricing tactics
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Product & Marketing Teams

Monitor your margin and provide price recommendations to your teams
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Sales Teams

Understand your competitor prices to improve your customer meeting success rate
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Top Management

Clearer view of reporting to monitor your pricing policy over time
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