Lizeo®.Product Intelligence

Scan your competitor’s portfolio to identify market opportunities

Perform in depth competitive product analysis to drive your product roadmap

Implementing a new product development strategy requires complex and thorough analysis of your whole market and competition. You need to be aware of the whole product ecosystem of your competitors, analyze their strategies, and check the efficiency of your current product market coverage in order to make the right decisions.

Your Challenges

Faced with an increasing number of products and competitors, this strategic competitive analysis becomes harder in most markets, and you may face multiple issues:

Compare your product portfolio structure and your competitor’s at full-scale

Find the right timing to launch a new product with the right set of features

Maintain a real-time and updated vision of your market

Lizeo®.product intelligence

Lizeo®.product intelligence is a SAAS business intelligence tool which analyzes data about the products you sell, what your competitors sell, and where they sell. It provides real-time data-driven insights to quickly identify gaps in your product portfolio versus your competitors and to identify gaps in the market to assess new product development or new assortment opportunities. To provide an accurate product comparison, Lizeo®.product intelligence integrates a proprietary AI driven Product Life Cycle algorithm to identify the maturity stage of each product and drive your competitive advantages at all times.


Through dashboards and indicators, Lizeo allows you to efficiently analyze your competitors’ product strategies.

Market White Space Identification

Determine whether markets are served, under-served, or unserved by discovering missed offers that represent new business opportunities.

Identify key product opportunities for your business and evaluate them in terms of sales volume, price index, etc.

Market and Brand Coverage

Ratio between one brand’s volumes and the total market volume of sales.

Evaluate your efficiencies regarding product coverage

New product detection

Real time competitive monitoring with new product alerts on your market.

Never miss an innovation in your market and keep control of it

Competitors product portfolio

Complete portfolio understanding of your competitive environment.

Know where to position your competitive advantage regarding competition

The Benefits

Compare your product portfolio structure and your competitor’s in real time

Quickly identify market opportunities for new product or current product repositioning

Optimize your current product portfolio for better market performance (simplify, abandon, etc.)

Assess the coverage performance of your product portfolio and act accordingly

Who is it for?

Pricing Teams

Understand your competitive advantage regarding competition and maintain your product’s pricing
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Marketing / Product Teams

Identify white spaces and product development opportunities. Evaluate the actual efficiency of your product portfolio. Understand the technological evolution of your market
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Sales Teams

Identify your target market according to each one of your products
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Top Management

Drive appropriate product strategies with full knowledge of your competitive environment
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