Lizeo®.Price Management

Smart price optimization tool

Execute your price strategy

Managing and operating prices has become indicative of your organization’s success. With an enormous amount of brands, competitors, products, and references to monitor, proactively setting your prices is critical yet complex. The process is time consuming but not avoidable if you want to remain price effective.

Your Challenges

Set thousands of prices manually taking into account costs, margins, pricing lists, pricing strategies, and competition

Monitor your competitors’ positioning and every slight event that might affect yours

Match all existing products on your market with prices and retailers

Lizeo®.price management

Lizeo®.price management is a set of solutions that allows you to automatically set your sales price based on your own pricing rules (target margins, purchasing price, positioning regarding competitors, etc.) and to monitor daily prices with alerts to detect your competitors’ positioning changes on key references.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Manager

Lizeo MAP Manager is a tool that helps tire manufacturers implement and maintain a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. Within the tool, a user can see the status of monitored retailers for non-compliance, days of non-compliance, and violations grouped by retailer, product, or part number. Screenshots of the violation are collected for evidentiary support, and a user has the ability to notify the violator straight from the online tool so there is no need to exit and execute an email notification.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) ID

Lizeo MAP ID is a tool created to assist tire manufacturers in effortlessly recognizing Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violations among online retailers. This data visualization tool presents MAP breaches and organizes them by site group. MAP ID detects violations throughout the entire US/CAN Lizeo online retailer directory and updates daily.

How does it work?

1. Observe real time prices for your products and your competitors’ ones.

2. Set your own pricing rules, taking into account your competitors’ prices, your own positioning, and targeted margins.

3. Prices get updated automatically according to your pricing logic. After setting your recommended prices, spread them to your distributors’ screens in real time.

The Benefits

Consult in real time your competitor’s consumer prices

Automate your price management according to your pricing rules and strategy

Spread recommended prices across your organization and network

Who is it for?

Pricing Teams and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Managers

Automate your price setting complying with your strategy and knowledge of your competition
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Marketing & Product Teams

Configure your recommended prices and share the information immediately with you distribution network
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Sales Teams

Consult product information sheets with related real time consumer prices for your products and competitors to adjust your quotation
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Top Management

Define your pricing rules strategy and implement it easily
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