Lizeo®.Product Catalog

Product data as a service

Collect competitive product data to increase market understanding

The wealth of product data, both online and offline, multiplies the sources of information from which you have to collect and monitor if you want to fully analyze trends and opportunities in the market. As a result, data quality becomes extremely critical as it is the main asset to building market knowledge.

Your Challenges

As product development strategies rely heavily on competitor product data analysis to identify opportunities, creating and building an exhaustive and reliable product catalog is critical. This raises multiple challenges :

Automation of the collection of online and offline product data

Controlling quality and consistency of the data

Ability to match collected product information with the right product

Lizeo®.product catalog

Lizeo®.product catalog is a flow of high quality competitor product data bringing a trusted overview of all of your competitor environments. Using the latest data collection and machine learning technologies mixed with a human product expert team, we thoroughly collect product data online and offline.

Illustration showing that Lizeo®.product catalog is a high-quality data feed on competing products, giving you an overview of your ecosystem.

1. Define your objectives and the competitors you want to target to the use of the competitor product data.

2. Select markets, segments, scope of products, and countries you would like to analyze.

3. Define your product dataset content that will match your usage (depth of product details, aggregation, etc.).

4. After collecting, parsing, matching, and cleaning online and offline data, we deliver a meaningful product referential that will be consistent with your needs and usage at a predefined frequency and format.

Data delivery

Illustration showing how Lizeo Product Catalog can be delivered in several formats: API, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or flat files (.xls, .cvs).

The Benefits

Base your decisions on high quality, relevant, and ready to use product data

Get data delivered with your own market segmentation

Save time on your product data collecting processes and focus on your product strategy

Who is it for?

Pricing Teams

Enrich your market outlook with exhaustive product data to adjust your pricing strategy
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Marketing & Product Teams

Understand your complete competitive product environment
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Data Management Teams

Spread high quality product data across your organization to build relevant business applications
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Top Management

Set the foundation of a data-driven digital transformation based on accurate data
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