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Lizeo® .product 360°

AI-Driven product benchmark solution
Perform 360° product comparison on your market to reveal your product value
Product comparison is a key activity to understand where your products stand in terms of technical maturity, performance, market coverage, pricing or consumer perception. This benchmark becomes necessary for your marketing, pricing and sales team in order to identify your competitor product panel, set the right price and highlight your product value to sell better.
Your Challenges
When trying to compare products on your market on multi levels with multiple comparison criteria, you may face different issues:

Collect, aggregate and manage multiples sources of data in one single point

Feed your benchmark with fresh data to detect any novelty on the market

Ability to compare products with homogeneity

Lizeo®.product 360°
Lizeo®.product 360° is a market intelligence solution providing you with an in-depth vision of the products of your market.
Based on Lizeo®.product catalog, the solution aims to compare your products and competitor’s on multiple criteria: characteristics, performances, prices, consumer perception, market segmentation, marketing descriptions, etc. It integrates a proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm to constantly compare the most relevant product panel not only based on the product characteristics but also on the product life cycles.

Lizeo.product 360° in your sales ecosystem
Lizeo®.product 360° is a SAAS (Software As A Service) application which can be provided as a stand alone solution on mobile phones, tablets and laptops for easy use on the field or integrated in your sales ecosystem such as SalesForce and SAP.

The Benefits

One tool gathering multi source of competitor data

For any of your products, identify your competitor panel

Increase sales conversion by easily demonstrating your product’s value

Identify your and your competitors’ product coverage on your market

Who is it for?
$ Icône Lizeo Product solution Who is it White
$ Icône Lizeo Product solution Who is it Green
Pricing Teams
Identify your competitor product panel and justify your price positioning by revealing your product value
Marketing & Product Teams
Understand your product market coverage, structure your segmentation and position your product regarding competition
Sales Teams
Access competitor product data and compare products on the field to strengthen your market knowledge and improve customer conversion build a relevant sales pitch
Top Management
Support your data-driven digital transformation by improving your product comparison process across your organization