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Tire market: a pricing strategy optimized thanks to data

[Case study] Optimize Your Pricing Strategy Using Real Data

The proliferation of references, emergence of new product categories, and an influx of “low cost” tire manufacturers prove the tire market has never been so complex and competitive. In this case study, discover how Lizeo was able to provide a service to provide competitive prices to a major player in the industry, to maintain its position in the market and become more competitive.

A quality process at the heart of the partnership ​

For Lizeo, specialized in handling competitive market information and private data, respecting the confidentiality of customer information is at the core of its values, and precisely why this case study is anonymous.
At Lizeo, business expertise and knowledge are at the heart of the Data.  This expertise and, competence in the market, which, associated with end-to-end management of the information technology chain and personalized support, makes Lizeo Price Data legitimate and making its way into the customer’s ecosystem.

Manual data collection: an outdated process today ​

Faced with the proliferation of brands and references, analyzing the market and data collection scope continues to grow. In this context, the manual collection of data not only becomes a time-consuming task for teams, but also a potential source of errors.
For the customer, new Data requirements have emerged.
  • Automation, to save time.
  • Certification, to prove a product available for sale on an online platform really exists.
  • Precision, to provide a precise and detailed comparison of products during the analysis.
  • Completeness, to obtain the most complete view of the market possible.
  • Homogeneity, to ensure a precision operation irrespective of the use and end users.

Building an increasingly relevant and efficient strategy is the primary objective of companies in the sector. However, they must now pursue this mission by taking the increasing complexity of markets into account, which results in the emergence of new Data requirements. In this context, this is why the automation of data processing has become essential. Would you like to review your data management and make full use of your Data? Are you looking to improve your position in the market? In this case study, learn about common problems encountered by a tire manufacturer in detail and the response given by Lizeo.

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