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Lizeo® .distribution audit

Data-driven audit to answer your distribution challenges
Rely on data and market experts to assess your distribution ecosystem
As a key market stakeholder, you have more and more issues to tackle to optimize your performances as your distribution ecosystem is constantly changing. However, each issue can benefit from high level insight by collecting the right data and analyzing your whole environment to deal with your key business challenge.
Your Challenges

Assess your online visibility and positioning


Understand the reach of your product portfolio to your final consumer


Identify the right channels to expand new business areas 

Lizeo®.distribution audit
Lizeo®. distribution audit helps brands and distributors to answer key business questions related to the optimization of their sales. Thanks to in-depth expert audits based on data, Lizeo®. distribution audit brings analysis and insights when it comes to improve online sales conversions or understanding the physical distribution ecosystem of a new area in terms of networks, prices and competition.

Web Assessment Audit
Designed to help both distributors and brands increase sales through online distribution channels, this audit assesses the online presence of a distribution network in order to identify opportunities to improve Internet visibility, online content, and mechanisms for web to store conversion. 

Product Placement Audit
As more consumers shop online, it is important for a brand to understand how their products are presented to the consumers. When looking to buy new products, consumers often do not scroll past the first page of results. Our product placement audit service tells you where your products are listed in the results page and how your placement compares to your competitors.

Distribution Network Structure & Development Strategy
For emerging brands or new distributors, it can be difficult to assess all the parameters that govern a distribution ecosystem especially if the market is far from your local business. To allow you the best introduction in a new ecosystem, our distribution audit service brings you valuable information about : pricing dynamics, structure of offline and online network, competitors, etc.

The Benefits

Increase your web performance from content to customer conversion


Stand out with an optimized product display in tune with your strategy


Cleverly develop your geographic reach after a thorough competitive analysis 

Who is it for?
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Sales Teams
Identify the best channels and monitor your sales efficiency
Digital Marketing Teams
Build the best digital strategy to boost consumer conversion
Pricing Teams
Adapt your pricing strategy towards your distribution channels
Top Management
Build up your strategy to reach new markets and countries