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Minimum Advertised Price Solution for tires

Minimum Advertised Price for tires

Your challenges:

Tire manufacturers implementing and maintaining a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy experience many challenges.
  • Establishing the correct MAP pricing policy level for the market
  • Monitoring hundreds of websites for policy compliance
  • Executing a notification and escalation process for violators

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Solution for Tire Manufacturers ​

Lizeo provides an online portal that will enable the MAP manager or user to:
  • View weekly MAP violation alerts
  • View violation details including screenshots and live link
  • Process violations (ignore, warning, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • Trigger violation notification according to the assigned Level
  • View History of violations and status at a Retailer/Product line level over rolling 12 months
  • View scorecards and dashboards with all necessary filters to quickly analyze violations in several relevant KPI’s
  • Access to a contact management portal to assign a contact name and an email for each retailer
Access to each function will be determined by user profile. 


MAP Manager UX Dashboards



Screenshot of Price Notifications Dashboards in Lizeo MAP solution



MAP Manager Policy prices



A User can always select between “Retailer” and “Marketplace” under each view (Violations, Send Notifications, History, MAP Prices, and Contacts)

MAP Manager Best Practices

Your benefits :

The MAP Manager tool provides multiple benefits for tire manufacturers in one spot:
  • Screenshots captured at the time of violation can be used as evidentiary support of the violation even if the violation is later corrected
  • Notifications, including the screenshot evidence, are queued by retailer by product so they can be sent together to save time 
  • Notifications are sent via the tool so there is no need to exit it to execute an email notification

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