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9 Success factors for Data governance

[Ebook] 9 Key Success Factors for Data governance

In order to automate and sustain processing, Data must comply with certain rules and follow a well defined process.  This is in accordance with use cases previously defined by the company. These rules and processes require regular monitoring for data to maintain the required level of quality and therefore, its strategic potential. This is where Data governance comes in – a governance body responsible for this monitoring. Would you like to initiate and structure data governance in your company? To help you, Lizeo has assembled the 9 key success factors for such an approach in the following white paper.

Data governance: why is it essential? ​

Data governance establishes the rules and principles that govern the proper management of data in an organization. It therefore guarantees that users of this Data will be able to extract a maximum amount of strategic information without putting its integrity at stake. This is why Data governance is a pillar for using your data and, as such, it will impact your company on a number of levels: strategic, technical, but also operational.
By clearly defining the framework which will “govern” your data, you are sure to have a sound and solid base, which will allow you to save time and improve efficiency. But, over and above simply putting data management into practice, Data governance will help you ensure its sustainability.

Key Success Factors for data governance ​

Several factors are decisive to make your Data governance approach a success. We have found nine, which you can find in detail in the white paper:
  1. A clear charter to commit your vision
  2. The roadmap: identifying priority projects and setting priorities
  3. Dedicated technologies and talents
  4. A redefined organisation
  5. The full involvement of management and your employees
  6. Governance committees
  7. Funding
  8. The role of education, communication and training
  9. The definition and tracking of metrics & reporting

It is essential to establish a framework for data processing in your company. It is the formalization of practices that will help you solve different Data related problems. Are you ready to initiate and structure Data governance in your company? Before you start, talk to Lizeo!

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