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Lizeo® .consumer research

Deep consumer insights to drive your marketing strategy
Turn consumer knowledge into business opportunities
Data related on how consumers purchase, their experience with your customer service and what is their journey on a given website create insightful information about their behaviors and the buying experience you built. Deep consumer understanding drives revenue and sales by allowing a fine-tuned and optimized consumer purchase journey.
Your Challenges
Most businesses are able to capture part of consumers and customers data, but often on a very small scope, in isolated packets. Challenges raise when it comes to marry these data all together and analyse it:
Lizeo Consumer Research

Monitor consumer satisfaction at all level, globally (product, online/offline purchase, services, price, etc.)

Lizeo Consumer Research

Compare the purchase experience you deliver with your competitors

Lizeo Consumer Research

Identify weaknesses in the purchase journey

Lizeo®.consumer research

Lizeo®.consumer Research brings insightful information and answers regarding a business challenge related to consumers or customers understanding. By gathering, analyzing and synthesizing multi level data around the purchase journey, Lizeo.consumer Research goes beyond the 4W (Who, What, When and Where) to bring you a high level consumer knowledge and identify rooms for improvements.

Consumer & customer satisfaction index
Capturing consumers & customers level of satisfaction is crucial in order to continuously improve your products & services but also the way they experience their purchase in your distribution network (on or offline).
Lizeo Consumer Research
  • Are the consumers / customers satisfied with my product/service?
  • What do the consumers / customers appreciate or don’t?
  • Is my satisfaction index better than my competitors?
  • How is my product/service performing compared to my main competitors?
  • Measure and monitor consumers’ satisfaction.
  • Benchmark the consumer satisfaction with the competitors.
  • Identify the levers of consumer satisfaction.
  • Benchmark the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Global Satisfaction index.
  • Satisfaction index by performance.
  • Detection of most important topics.
  • Benchmark of the satisfaction index.

Consumer journey analysis
Draw your roadmap detailing how a consumer becomes aware of your brand and interacts with it. The different phases of the journey are determined by queries and keywords used by the internet user all along his purchase journey.
Lizeo Consumer Research
  • What are the most searched keywords for a specific universe?
  • What platforms / information are the consumer exposed to during its journey?
  • Who is influencing the consumers during the different steps?
During the pre-purchase phase: Identification of the consumer's needs:
  • Understand the consumer search for: brands / products, level of price, where (offline, online), etc.
During the purchase phase:
  • Understand the final consumer choice for: brands / products , level of price, where (offline, online), etc.
Post-Purchase : Understand the real consumer experience with the product:
  • Searches about warranty,
  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Breakdown service & fixing, etc.
  • Categorization of research topics,
  • Influencer and platform identification,
  • Opportunities for content marketing.

Consumer perception barometer
Understand your market trends through the consumer perspective. Grasp the consumer perception differences by countries, brands, products and products categories to check the pulse of your market and understand where you stand.
Lizeo Consumer Research
Perception Drivers:
  • Which are the key topics of conservation, positive and negative drivers within tiers, categories and countries?
  • How do they compare to the overall market?
Brand Health:
  • How is my brand performing in terms of visibility and reputation?
  • Which are its key topics of conversation, positivity and negativity triggers?
  • How does it compare to other brands?
Product Analysis:
  • Which products are contributing to brand performance in terms of visibility and reputation within their competitive landscape?
  • How do they compare to other products in terms of awareness and reputation?
  • How does consumer opinion of brands and products evolve?
  • Which are the awareness and reputation trends within the competitive landscape?
  • Monitor your market trends through the consumer perspective.
  • Evaluate the consumer perception of your brand within its competitive landscape and its evolution.
  • Identify the most discussed products within your product range and their perception. 
  • KPI-driven report with analysis throughout.
  • Key insights illustrated by verbatims.

The Benefits
Lizeo Consumer Research

Detect the emergence of trends on your market

Lizeo Research Benefits

Monitor your consumers and customers satisfaction level

Lizeo Consumer Research

Understand what are the key drivers and paths to a purchase

Who is it for?
$ icône consumer who is it white
$ icône consumer who is it pink
Marketing Intelligence Teams
Identify what product features drives the purchase to improve your roadmap
Communication Teams
Monitor the efficiency of your consumer communication strategy
Retail Teams
Spot strengths and weaknesses of your consumer experience across your channels
Top Management
Benefits from final consumer feedbacks across all your consumer touchpoints to improve your sales conversion

Use Cases
Lizeo Consumer Research
Customer satisfaction index
Net Promoter Score Analysis of Truck Tires Customers (Private Data Set Analysis)

Lizeo Consumer Research
Consumer perception barometer
Key drivers and trends for consumer perception in the passenger car tyre market