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Lizeo® .consumer data

Extract meaningful insights from consumer data
Being able to collect and analyze what the consumer say about your brand and the performance of your product is key. The voice of the consumer is strategic in helping to define the right business decisions, and the quality and content of this data is critical.
Your Challenges
Lizeo Consumer Data

Variety of sources, data format, languages and locations

Lizeo Consumer Data

Qualification of each individual post

Lizeo Consumer Data

Compliance with local regulations for personal data protection

Lizeo Consumer Data

Multiple providers of uncleaned consumer data

Lizeo®.consumer data

Lizeo®.consumer data is a flow of high quality enriched public data captured from Consumers and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) posts mentioning brands, products and dealers across multiple sources on the web:

Based on a unique technical platform, our expertise moves your consumer data beyond simple keyword filtering to qualified, enriched data with topic detection and sentiment scoring. We also offer the ability to include customer proprietary data streams (customer services, live chat, etc.) which will benefit from the same expertise.

Lizeo Consumer Data

How does it work?
Lizeo Consumer Data
  1. Cleaning: Automated and manual cleansing of consumer data streams to meet customer and market analysis requirements.
  2. Unification & matching: Unification of data using a manual and automated matching process to solve issues related to the variety of data sources and natural, unstructured consumer reviews.
  3. Enrichment: Enriched of consumer data with additional fields, such as product detail, product market segmentation, languages, etc.
  4. Classification: AI powered, with an in-depth, classification and tagging engine to deliver structured and segmented data, which allows for easier data mining and analysis.

Data Delivery
Lizeo®.consumer data delivery is highly configurable:
Lizeo®.consumer data can feed different business tools to address different needs at all levels within a company and within your own business tools and software platforms: CRM, Business Intelligence Tools, etc.

Lizeo provides data audit services to improve the quality of your internal and external consumer data streams. Thanks to our extensive experience in processing and qualifying large amounts of consumer data with our tools and team of experts.

The Benefits
Lizeo Consumer Data

Save time on data collection and focus on extracting meaningful insights

Lizeo Consumer Data

Avoid settling with social listening platforms that deliver uncleaned data, without any market customization

Lizeo Consumer Data

Base your decisions on high quality, real time, structured data 

Who is it for?
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$ icône consumer who is it pink
Marketing & Product Teams
Spot strengths and weaknesses of your products and competitors to focus your efforts
Social Media Teams
Centralize everything you can find about your company on social medias in one tool
Brand Managers
Reveal what the perception of your brand is and define action plan to influence it
Top Management
Engage and drive a product and marketing strategy fueled with consumer opinions