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We appreciate the comprehensive know-how about online data management, their implementation of quality standards as well as their ability to consolidate huge data volume in a very efficient way.

Pricing Manager

Grand Prix Performance
Grand Prix Performance USA

We have been a long-time user of the pricing services offered by Lizeo. They provide us with very high-quality data, and I don’t have to second guess accuracy.

Additionally, they have great customer service and are able to answer our questions quickly. Retail Price Pro is the primary engine for all of our pricing information and settings, without it, we would be lost.

Vice President GPP

Belle Tire

I approached Lizeo Group with an interest in increasing the volume & quality of pricing information required to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Lizeo helped our team by providing large formatted data sets, which were easy to extract, transform and load into our proprietary software. 

In addition to providing pricing information, we consider Lizeo Group a partner - often relying on their deep-rooted knowledge of the industry. Our internal business strategy and insights team use Lizeo’s solutions to understand the nature of our marketplace, establishing heightened confidence behind our Go-to-Market Strategy. One thing I liked was the level of flexibility Lizeo Group provided our team. Ensuring a smooth transition throughout the implementation process. I found the experience invaluable as it has freed up resources to concentrate on the larger picture, generating actionable insights that otherwise would remain hidden in the data. 

I would recommend Lizeo solutions to teams interested in improving their competitiveness throughout their marketplace.

Marketing Manager – Pricing & Insights

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

We approached Lizeo Group because of their expertise in the field of Data management and pricing management, as it presented a critical interest to us. Indeed, we needed a systematic approach to the collection and analysis of price data in our market. It allowing us as well to benchmark Lizeo capabilities with the practices we have currently in house at Corporate level.
Lizeo provided us with a very high quality Proof Of Concept platform, we were able to clearly appreciate how Lizeo masters the processing of raw data, analysis and the provision of relevant information. This tailor-made work has allowed us to have a significant understanding of our market, with competitive intelligence and market research adapted to our needs.
Through further demonstration from their R&D department, we also had a glimpse at the way they can build predictive indicators.
The whole experience was very enlightening for us, and showed us some future directions we need to consider.

Director HIT Category Management