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Lizeo® .digital where2buy

Ensure the conversion to your brand at the end retailer
Create a smooth path to purchase your product at the point of engagement
Directing high buying intent consumers to your approved channels and retailers is essential for a successful online sales strategy. By connecting them from your website to retailer’s product pages or shopping carts, you keep consumers on a planned route to purchase, without distraction.
Your Challenges

Exposure of your consumers to substitutes and competitors’ products


Heavy marketing effort when you don’t have an online shop


Promote one retailer over another

Lizeo®.digital where2buy

Lizeo®.digital where2buy delivers a simple and easy experience for your customers to purchase products from any of your digital channels and partners, online and offline. Instead of investing in huge marketing effort to make your customer remember your brand, you can drive engaged customers directly to purchasing options.

With Lizeo®.digital where2buy, you create a smooth path to purchase for your consumers and turn your brand corporate website into e-commerce to provide a seamless online experience for consumers.

How does it work?

Your consumer questions

  • Which product fit the best my needs?
  • What’s the price?
  • Which dealer to choose?
  • Is it available around me?
  • What are the related services?
Our answers

1. Advice & Inform

Help your consumer to find the product that fit the best their needs and profile. Inform them where to find this product and at what price around their location through a store locator.

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2. Capture

Capture engaged consumers and bring them down to the purchasing tunnel.

3. Connect

Connect consumers directly to their preferred retailer either for direct purchase, online quotation or online booking. Consumers can complete their purchase journey without competitive distraction or delay. 


4. Measure

Measures sales activity and conversion. Discover the consumer journey from the point of brand engagement to the retailer where the purchase event happens.

5. Optimize

Through our consulting services, we can help you understand which content has the highest sales impact so you can realign your marketing strategy and focus on what delivers the highest ROI.

The Benefits
For Retailers

Direct consumer journey from brand website to your e-shop cart


Promotion of your e-shop directly on the brand website


Gain high traffic volumes from brand marketing efforts at no additional cost


Acquire highly engaged consumers with higher purchase intent that convert quicker

For Brands

Lead consumers straight to your preferred retail partners, both online and in-store


Monitor performances from first brand interaction to the final purchase


Identify popular markets, retailers, channels and product SKUs


Assess the value of leads being directed to e-shop partners

Who is it for?
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Marketing Teams
Expose the value of your new product compared to your competition in any sales support
Digital Marketing Teams
Boost your e-commerce websites efficiency with high quality digital content to improve your consumer journey and conversion
Sales Teams
Enhance customer meetings and promote your products over those of competitors thanks to a unique digital experience
Top Management
Support your digital transformation by enhancing
Use Cases
Store Locator rezulteo®

Buying tunnel rezulteo®

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Tire comparator rezulteo®