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Lizeo® .digital smart search

Smart product recommendation engine
Boost sales with the most relevant product recommendation to your e-shoppers
Many online consumers don’t know exactly what kind of product they want. For the best conversion rate, you need to drive online traffic toward the product that best fits their need and expectation. Providing the right product recommendation gives you the opportunity to optimize your consumer service efforts, while also increasing the potential ROI of your marketing efforts. 
Your Challenges

Analyzing massive amounts of customer data to find patterns and build an algorithm


Automate the entire process (data collection, analysis) to deliver live recommendations directly to consumers


Match individualized customer profiles with one or many of your products

Lizeo®.digital smart search
Lizeo®. digital smart search is a powerful product recommendation engine providing a customized journey toward your product with every single customer. It gives your marketing team the ability to analyze consumer data to create accurate and individualized customer profiles. These profiles allow marketers to understand what kind of product a specific visitor might be interested in. 
Lizeo®. digital smart search embeds proprietary machine learning algorithms that take into account massive amounts of consumer data (purchase history, preferences, etc.) but also intrinsic characteristics of the product (performances, price level, usage, etc.). The algorithm can then automatically deliver the estimated solution to an individual consumer.
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The Benefits

Real-time processing and computing of data


Constant updating and refining to provide the best recommendation


Ease of integration with your e-commerce platforms

Who is it for?
Marketing Teams
Analyze consumer data to create accurate and individualized customer profiles
Digital Marketing Teams
Lower your customer support service cost and build loyalty with your customer
Top Management
Improve the ROI of your marketing efforts and boost your sales

 Use Cases
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Smart Recommendation Engine for Tires
rezulteo integrates a tire recommendation engine to guide the consumer to the desired tire.