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Consumer intelligence solutions to feed your product & marketing strategy
Leverage the untapped value of consumer opinions
Whether you realize it or not, your customers are talking about you online. They leave their opinions and experience with your products and services on social media networks, blogs, forums, and by publishing ratings and reviews online. Technology allows consumers to instantly share their experience with your brand. Keep an ear out by listening to this audience in order to detect market trends and improve your product and marketing strategy.
Your Challenges
There is high value in the voice of your customer, so much so that it can even help to fuel your marketing strategy, but collecting and analyzing this data also comes with multiple challenges: 

Clearly spot when they are talking about your brand, products, services, retailers or your competitors

Lizeo consumer challenge

Capturing consumer questions during the purchasing process

Lizeo Consumer Challenge

Identifying factors that influence consumer choice of brand, product or retailer

Lizeo Consumer Challenge

Determining the impacts of your communication campaigns on your consumers

Lizeo®.consumer solutions
Lizeo®.consumer solutions provide you with consumer intelligence tools helping you to build an in-depth understanding of the consumer perception of your brands and products but also those of your competitors. Lizeo®.consumer gathers, contextualizes and analyzes data to produce actionable insights. This allows you to identify industry trends and cover any blind spots to help drive smarter and more agile business decisions.
Lizeo Consumer Data Value Chain


Structured, qualified and enriched consumer data thanks to Artificial Intelligence and human expertise to extract and develop meaningful intelligence and insights.


Business intelligence tools that provide an in depth understanding of the market by monitoring consumer perception of your brand and products compared to your competitors, with analytics dashboards and automatic reports.



Ad Hoc reports using insights that come from gathering, analyzing and synthesizing consumer & customer data.

The Benefits

Track image, reputation and social performance for brands and products

Anticipate and manage crises

Explore mechanisms of influence

Measure campaign impact

Who is it for?
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Marketing Teams
Reports and tools to measure the impactfulness of your strategy, and the satisfaction of your customers
Product Teams
Understand market trends and align product roadmaps accordingly
Sales Teams
Enforce your sales pitch with real consumer reviews
Top Management
Engage and drive product marketing strategy fueled by consumer opinion