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Vehicle Data and Tire Fitments

Vehicle Data and Tire Fitments

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Your challenges:

For distributors and online tire retailers:
  • Monitor customer OE (Original Equipment) sizes by season
  • Display the entire product catalogue available for a given vehicle and apply the associated commercial policy by brand or segment
For tire manufacturers:
  • Analyze the coverage of the product catalog in relation to the vehicle market to define the product plan
  • On the brand’s website, associate the products in the catalogue with a vehicle in order of priority according to the Marketing strategy and sales policy

Lizeo.product catalog: vehicle and tire data ​

Lizeo Vehicle Fitment Database for passenger and light truck vehicles is a comprehensive global database that provides coverage of vehicle fitments dating back almost 40+ years. The database is fed, qualified, and structured by Lizeo from external, global data sources whose structure is common to all global geographical regions. Each region benefits from local specifications such as engines, trade names, local marketing rules, homologations, etc. Updates to the database are made daily and verified by Lizeo’s Quality Assurance check prior to each customer file delivery.

Feeding mechanisms
  • International trade fairs 
  • Market monitoring: press, manufacturer sites, etc.
  • Partnerships with tire manufacturer’s OE service
  • Product plan
  • Sales support tools
  • Customer and After Sales Services
  • Showcase and e-commerce sites (selection of the right tire)

Solution Description

Vehicle data

Data for passenger cars, vans and two-wheelers
  • Brand, Model, Segment
  • Motorization, Power, Displacement, Fuel
  • Market presence, Years of marketing (start, end)
  • Traction, Gearbox, etc.

Tire fitments

Tire fitments data for each vehicle
  • Approved dimensions for Summer and Winter fitment
  • Markings
  • Original Equipment Specs
  • Staggered mounts
  • Air Pressures
  • Spare wheel, etc.

Rims data

  • Diameter / Width
  • Offset
  • Center distance

Vehicle photographs

  • Uniforms: same angle of view and glazing treatment for each vehicle
  • Low and High definition 
  • Customized watermarking

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