Lizeo®.Distribution Data

Turn point of sales location data into business opportunities

Map the physical distribution network of your market

As cross canal distribution strategies are at the heart of current concerns, distribution networks are becoming more complex. Mapping the physical point of sales of your market distribution ecosystem is the first essential step to build your strategy and understand your environment.

Your Challenges

Extract qualitative information about every distribution network and physical retailer

Keep track of any change of signage of point of sales

Always keep your company up to date with its distribution environment

Lizeo®.Distribution Data

Lizeo®.distribution Data is a database providing you with an eagle-eye vision of main retail networks of your market. For every distributor of your market, you have access to structured and qualitative information about the distribution network & physical point of sales such as:

General distribution network information

  • Products, services and prices
  • Purchasing information: online appointments & orders, paiement facilities, etc.
  • Customer service: phone number, opening hours, etc.
  • Head office location

Detailed point of sales information

  • Contact information (name, address, phone number, fax, e-mail)
  • GPS coordinates
  • Opening hours
Schéma montrant les domaines d'applications de la solution Lizeo Distribution Data

Data Delivery

Lizeo®. distribution data can be delivered through Application Programming Interface (API) or flat files (.xls, .csv) through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Lizeo®. distribution data can feed multiple business tools and can be embedded in widgets to address different needs: CRM, ERP, Web to Store application (E-shops), etc.

The Benefits

Save time on your data collecting process

Third-party and up to date data information

Quickly spot competition and optimize your field sales

Who is it for?

Sales Teams

Optimize and improve on field sales efficiency
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Digital Teams

Implement web to store solutions in increase your online sales conversion
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Pricing​ Teams

Cross your local pricing data with accurate point of sales mapping
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Data Teams

Create a clean and centralized database to address any distribution network business applications related
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Use Cases